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Landlords Brochure

An Introduction to Letting Your Property

Renting your property may be a necessity or an attractive commercial proposition. Either way professional advice is always essential. To most people their home is probably the largest single investment that they have made. In many cases it has been acquired by years of hard work, expense and sacrifice. So naturally the decision about what to do needs careful consideration.

Letting is a viable option that could cover mortgage repayments, general out goings and possibly return a net profit as well. If considering letting for investment purposes many benefits exist under the current Rent Act Legislation. One of the main ones is to enable landlords to charge open market rates free of any rent control. Furthermore, in the form of the Assured Shorthold contract, those landlords unable to commit themselves long term have an exit when and if they need it.

First Habitation specialise in the Letting and Management of residential property and can offer all the sound professional advice you need. You will receive the time and attention that you require. We take pride in our careful selection of tenants.

The First Step
Once you have actually decided to let your property you should book an appointment for one of our team to view the property and give you an accurate market appraisal (the valuation by us is exclusive of domestic services for which you
are not responsible. i.e. telephone, electric gas etc)

All our staff have a wealth of local knowledge in the property rental market. It is up to you to decide on any conditions, which may be put on prospective tenants. i.e. no pets, no children etc. And we will endeavour to ensure the same.

Once we have visited your property we will put our valuation in writing to you the very next day and any suggestions that would help rent your property.
We will then start to advertise your property following your instructions to proceed
All prospective tenants are accompanied by a member of our staff.


Once a tenant has put a deposit to show commitment, we will then take up full references. Each individual tenant will be fully referenced.

Depending on the situation of the tenant these will consist of the following :-
Employer Work reference
Letter from their accountant if self employed
Landlord reference
Character reference
Photo ID
Three months wage slips Three months bank statements

All tenants are credit checked. A meeting between the landlord and tenant can be arranged if so desired to ensure you are completely satisfied with the proposed occupants. Please remember that we act for the landlord and not the tenant. It is your property you will have the final say.

We will contact Gas, Water, Electricity supplies together with the local council to advise them of the new tenants details on your behalf. Once the tenant/s have taken occupation of the property then they will be responsible for these services
Deposits and Rent
Prior to the tenants taking up occupation we will collect one Months rent in advance and any deposit required. Any deposits collected are held in a bonded approved government deposit scheme.

Your property and its contents should be insured and the cover index linked to keep
up with inflation. You must advise your insurer that your property is being let, otherwise you may not be covered in the event of a claim. If you require any assistance in arranging cover then please contact us for advice.

Landlords should make arrangements with the Post Office for redirection of their mail. We regret we cannot accept responsibility for collecting mail from vacant premises of redirecting mail to landlords.

Leasehold Property
Prior to letting a leasehold premises you should ensure that the lease permits a sublet and obtaining any required written consent or license. We assume that this has been done and the landlord indemnifies First Habitation against
any problems that may occur if you omit to gain the required permissions.

If the property is subject to a mortgage which is not a buy-to-let mortgage, then you must obtain permission from your lender to let the property.

General Information

The Fire & Furnishing (Fire) Safety Regulations 1988 & The Fire & Furnishings (Admendment) Regulations 1993

Generally with effect from 1st March 1993 it is an offence to supply furniture which does not comply with the fire resistance requirements contained in regulation 14 of the 1988 regulations, if that furniture has been first provided or acquired since 1st March 1988.

Landlords may or may not be aware of this legislation which makes it an offence for them to supply furniture bought new since 1st March1993 or brought into the property for the first time since that date that does not meet what is known as the match test cigarette test and ignitability.
These regulations apply to all upholstery and upholstered furniture loose fittings permanent or loose covers etc which we shall refer to as furniture for this purpose of this note.
The regulations do not apply to furniture manufactured before January 1st 1950. This therefore exempts period or antique furniture.
After January 1st 1997 ALL furniture supplied whether new or old and whether or not previously included in a letting must comply with 1988 regulations.

Gas Safety Regulations For Landlords
From 31st October 1994 it became law for gas equipment in rented properties to be checked annually by a registered installer and to keep accurate records of work carried out on all appliances in their control.
First Habitation can arrange for a registered Gas Safe engineer to carry out these checks on your behalf.

Please ensure that at the commencement of the Tenancy your property is in good decorative order, equipped and in condition fit for letting. The property should be thoroughly cleaned, this will help let the property quickly.
A property in good condition and well maintained will command the best rental returns with fewer on going maintenance issues.
If you require any assistance or advice on repairs or maintenance or require a professional cleaner to prepare your property for letting, then please call us on 01245 79 0865

Management Service

First Habitation has a fully computerised system which enables us, amongst other things to check that rental payments are on time giving you the security of regular monthly payments you require.

All relevant notices will be served to ensure possession of your property for when you require it returned, we will also handle all maintenance problems and act as a go between screening you from any additional problems. I must stress that the management of the property is highly complex especially when any problems occur. Please note that unless you are completely familiar with the Housing Act 1988 and various other Acts that will effect the letting of your property, we strongly stress that you take our management service.

Why use First Habitation
Deciding to let your property is a big decision to make and one that requires a great deal of thought and advance planning. Our property management team offers the best service possible and we pride ourselves on the thorough knowledge of the rental market and go to great lengths to ensure that every landlord receives a personal and dedicated service. So please telephone us now for any free advice or to book an appointment at your property. Put your trust in the team at First Habitation.
If you would like any other information please don’t hesitate to ring us on:
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